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Collating Data

Data Analysis Service

Data analysis to process your data, and interpret the results aligned with your current business needs. Ams analytics develops with you analytical algorithms that help you discover useful insights aligned with your current business needs.

Data Vizualisation

Data visualization services help communicate company’s data to business users using visual elements.​ We offer data visualizations services to help you spot trends, track business goals achievements, compare the performance of different categories, products, brands, and more. All our visualizations are done with Microsoft Power BI.

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Web Scrapping

Web scraping is the process of using bots to extract content and data from a website. This service can help you extract data from various channels so you can in order to track changes in the mood of your consumers and followers. You can collect data such as number of followers, engagement rate, likes-comment ratio, general audience quality score, influencer's emails, reviews and much more. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Yelp, Review Finder and many other social media platforms can be your source of data for influencer marketing. You can do brand tracking in real-time or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.